The Musical Forest - Teaching Videos

$ 9.99

Here are the videos which accompany Dr. Christopher Kaufman's THE MUSICAL FOREST! 
This is a collection of five videos, one for each episode of THE MUSICAL FOREST.  Read/listen to one episode and then play the video.  'Little Troll' and other characters from the tale lead you and your young people on a learning experience!  The entire process teaches and enhances audio recognition, memory, cognition, comprehension and the many other benefits offered by the teaching methods developed over hundreds of years by serious artist/teachers such as Dr. Christopher Kaufman.
Purchase and the videos will be delivered to your email address.  At that time the publisher will ask if you would like to also receive them as a complimentary DVD!
Visit www.soundartus/the-musical-forest for more information on how to use them to enhance the artistic and learning experience which is Dr. Kaufman's THE MUSICAL FOREST!