TALES OF THE OCEAN CITY: Book Two: Descent Into The Abyss

$ 9.99

$9.99 - comes with full Audio Album

Thrilling Epic Story! Evocative Graphic Illustrations on every page. Audio Album with an hour of Epic Cinematographic Music, Narration and Sound Tracks! A $20 Value!

Young Adult and up

'Tales Of The Ocean City’ is the epic story of a young civilization forced to confront the Vorm, a terrible enemy from the deep past. Join Harl’ut and the noble pegasus Vispushin on this epic adventure as they lead a group of young warriors into the heart of the Vorm Hive!

Book Two: Descent Into The Abyss begins with Harl’ut recovering from his harrowing adventure from Book One: Battle In The Sky. You will experience brilliant sound design, fulfilling story and sumptuous illustrative art as Harl’ut ventures out into the streets of the Ocean City. He is celebrated by the great citizens of The Ocean City, visits with his friend Elá in the sculpture garden and then enacts a 'ritual of initiation' passed down from the ancient history of his people.  Enjoy the thrilling fantasy adventure as Harl'ut climbs down the throat of the vast volcano, Pla’Than’Taa, confronts the barbaric past of his people and battles an ancient monster.


“Tales Of The Ocean City by Chris Kaufman, is a multimedia Book that fuses narration, music, and visual art to create a rare kind of experience -- a brilliant form of entertainment that masterfully blends these beautiful episodic stories with award-winning music and dazzling art. Fantasy readers who also love epic music, you're in for a treat once you consume the wonderful world of Kaufman's creative work..." - F.J.Bayrog - Fantascize Mag.


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The inhabitants of The Ocean City are turning a corner to the future. They appreciate the power and beauty of their ancient beliefs and  look forward to the places new inventions and scientific discoveries will take them. They want to explore the universe with freedom, but first they must gather their full strength and overcome a terrible enemy from their deepest past... The Vorm.

Download the Audio Album which contains Epic Cinematographic Music from author/world-class composer Christopher Kaufman with both narration and voice and soundtracks of pure music to enjoy as you read, read and listen or listen when traveling.  An immersive fantasy experience!


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