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‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ - Orchestrated scenes in the imagined life of Walter - full orchestrations of wide variety.

‘The Visitation” - beautiful and moving music from story about a down and out man visited by spiritual transformation.  Music for Strings and percussion.

‘Little Courage” - a sweet tale about a young girl dancing and playing in Brooklyn, who gathers coins and food to bring to a homeless woman.  Rhythmic percussion music with a Latin ambiance with jazzy solos.

‘AZRAEL’ - a wild imaginative score for a Gothic film about a man who returns from hell to avenge his murder. Strings, percussion, exotic effects, insect sounds and chorus.

‘A Moment in Time’ - a short interesting film where directors from around the world film the same moment in time from their perspective.  The score takes a bit from minimalism - full orchestration.

The Last Son - An east/west score from a film about an Iraqi man who chooses against an act of terror for the love of his girlfriend.
‘Pickles and the Junkman’s Daughter’  - Orchestral excerpts from a large-scale epic story about children working in labor factories at the turn of the 20th Century.
Plus other various shorts and excerpts of great variety!

*These are high quality MP3 CDs - enabling you to drag them into your MP3 players and mobile devices.

**Everything is under copyright - all right reserved. Contact Composer for licensing.