About Us

Welcome to SOUNDARTUS.  We feature the work of Christopher Kaufman and Alice Cotton.  We are authors, composers, illustrators and storytellers.  Our works have music related themes and teach music within the context of highly imaginative stories and professionally realized audio albums.  With believe passionately in the power of the Imagination to affect our world for the better, mind by mind, young and old, minute to minute, day to day.  Try our work, you won't be disappointed!
Three Dashes East- Christopher Kaufman, founder of Soundartus, is an accomplished composer of music for the classical concert stage and film as well an author, illustrator, teacher, performer and presenter.  He has a large number of works for a wide variety of medium and his work has been performed by world-class musicians far and wide.  As founder/director of CHIRON Performing Arts he presented the work of hundreds of artists of all disciplines.  His works feature thrilling story, evocative illustrations and Audio Albums filled with cinematographic music and sound. Visit his Epic Fantasy Series TALES OF THE OCEAN CITY.   He has specialized in teaching young people for many years and has developed unique methods for teaching creativity as well as music fundamentals. He has recently developed a system of presenting fine arts and music to family audiences titled THE PHANTASTIC THEATER where he features performances of his living books THE PHANTASTIC ZOO and THE MUSICAL FOREST with illustrious guest artists. Visit www.soundartus.com for information on these and his many other projects.
Three Dashes West - ALICE COTTON was an architectural artist, an illustrator and a teacher for many years.  She has taught classes in Math Artistry, Architectural drawing, Adventures in Geometry and many more.  She uses her knowledge as a teacher, parent, musician and artist to create stories that intertwine all of her experiences into fanciful mysteries for young readers.  Her featured works MUSICAL TALES, THE ADVENTURES OF DETECTIVE REED and WHEN BUILDINGS SPEAK are enjoyed by music teachers and their students, math artistry enthusiasts, Oregon history buffs, musical and non-musical families and early readers. ALL ABOUT ALICE