$ 75.00

This is your ticket to Dr. Christopher Kaufman's unique and educational 'The Musical Forest Workshop!'.  In these classes, participants learn about music concepts, fundamentals such as Rhythm, Melody and Harmony and experience directly the power of music through the imaginative adventures of Squiggle T. Buglet in the Musical Forest. "It's like Bernstein for Children". 

Dr. Kaufman is an accomplished composer and an award winning teaching artist - he has put all of this experience together in these works which are designed to inspire the imagination and introduce young people to music and the fine arts. Highly entertaining, these workshops feature performances of parts of this living book which is then used as a 'workbook' throughout the series of classes. You will receive a free book with the full audio album included filled with fully produced orchestral Music, Sound Design and Narration at the first class.  It's like getting one class for free.

Kaufman also includes his 'Environmental Workshops' where participants perform music with hundreds of natural sounds, taking the roles of whales, wolves, tree crickets and many other creatures!

Buy your PASS here and Dr. Kaufman will contact you immediately. He will keep in close contact and when a foundation of at least three families is formed (usually within 1 or 2 weeks)... he will negotiate a time, advertise the Workshop for a week and the workshop will begin!

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